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These are all the gritty details that ensure everything runs smoothly and productively.
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Standard sizes are 4:3 (square shaped) or 16:9 (more of a wide shape).
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This information helps us stay on-point with the actions and decisions we make regarding your project. By keeping our objectives in view, we are better able to deliberately make the right choices and get closer to reaching our desired destination.
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For example, maintaining a happy lifestyle, making a sound investment, learning about a new topic, starting a new business, learning to balance their chi, etc.
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Briefly describe their values, decision-making process and, if you already have a brand image established, how are you currently viewed? Does this opinion need to shift? How so?
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The following questions are to give me an idea of exactly where you would like to go visually so I can take you there

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* denotes increased design time

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Which of these colors do you feel best represents your brand? Please select at least three. If you have established brand colors, please list their names and RGB or hexadecimal values next.

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IMPORTANT: If you have not yet placed your order nor contacted me, please list your favorite method(s) of communication and how I can reach you below, otherwise I will not have a way to connect with you after I receive your responses. Thank you!


When you are ready, please send all of the files needed to produce your project. This includes an outline of slide page titles, the content for your presentation, and any other documentation you would like utilized.

I can integrate any licensed photography you have and/or use my stock photo memberships to download any high quality images we need.

After receiving your responses to this creative brief, I will confirm receipt in a message and get started pulling together initial design ideas to present to you. If your project is super urgent, text me after you've sent in this creative brief at 818-860-1932.

{{answer_29363111}}, thank you for the opportunity, thanks so much for choosing me, and I intend to make you feel very proud that  you did!

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Bridgette Bryant

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